Choose the Destination to Discover on a Honey moon Adventure in Africa

Thinking of adventurous Holidays in the world on a honey moon Holiday in Africa, Explore the Beauty of Mountain Gorillas, Mountain Gorillas in Uganda are the Same as the Rwandan Mountain Gorillas found in Volcanoes National Park, Uganda is among the best adventuring place in the world. Discover Uganda national Parks and Game reserves Known by Travelers in the world.

Are you now wondering what a Honey moon Safari is to include Gorilla Trekking among the Activities to enjoy on the Great Explore of Uganda / Rwanda?  Uganda is among the best place for adventure. Have you ever been on adventure safari Holiday? Experienced an adventure? Was it fun or interesting? Which places did you visit? Where they beautiful or breathtaking? Have you ever heard of a Uganda safari adventure? Ever been on one? Well if you haven’t yet, then sit back and relax cause you are sure are going to enjoy this. I traveled to Uganda for a safari last month and believe me it was worthy all the insane hours I spent on the plane. My Uganda safari was the most fun adventures I had ever had the opportunity of being to in my whole adult life. I left Uganda with memories that I will treasure for the rest of my old age.

I never wanted to leave though I knew that it was time for me to go back home and that the Gorilla safari was over and I had nothing to do about it cause even if I had postponed it, it would have eventually ended. I was very comfortable from the minute it started and having the time of my life as I so felt like home from the moment we arrived in Uganda. The eco lodges I stayed in were wonderful and eco friendly with a touch of both western and African style, who could have imagined me staying in the middle of the wilderness for days and enjoying every bit of it, the food I ate was wonderful and fresh, all of the fun I had was just incredible to take in all at once. I will never forget the wildlife, chimps though the gorillas were my absolute favorite was a glimpse of those gentle creatures which took my breath away. It is something to see mamma and babies in their natural setting going about their business like no one is watching them. I will never forget the silverback pounding its chest, at first it felt like the ground was shaking and then it sounded like the African traditional drums I had heard the previous day at a cultural showcase. I there and then made up my mind and decided to go on an extended safari vacation that also included; a trip to Kenya, Rwanda and Tanzania. I also went for golden money trekking in Rwanda, we first heard movements in the trees and that was when I saw the golden moneys swinging from branch to branch and tree to tree, this was something I will never forget and the photos I took of them a living proof of what I experienced. So much had happened on that vacation it will stay on my mind for life time.

I truly recommend many traveler to also try taking a Rwanda Gorilla safari to explore the beauty of a true pearl African.

Apart from Uganda also Rwanda has the best experience to share with traveler who also like Gorilla Trekking and Cultural safari experience. Rwanda known as the thousand hills due to the mountainous Nature of the country. Click here for
Gorilla Safari Parks in Uganda.